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Intra Power Foam
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Intra Power Foam is part of Intracare’s overall disinfection programme (Intra-Clean). This overall programme allows farmers to work according to the latest requirements and regulations for optimal food safety and hygiene.


Intra Power Foam is a highly alkaline foam cleaner ideal for more demanding cleaning, but also perfectly suitable for periodic cleaning of barns. Intra Power Foam has a strong adhesive power which guarantees a long contact time with the dirty surface. This allows the active components in the Intra Power Foam ample opportunity to properly act on the dirt. This enables dissolution and removal of even the most aggressive grease without any problems. Because of this, pathogenic microorganisms hiding in this dirt have no chance of developing further.

Cleaning with Intra Power Foam is an excellent pretreatment for later disinfection.


*        Effectively dissolves all types of grease and dirt

*        Perfect preparation for good disinfection

*        Strong adhesions to walls

*        Reduces number of pathogenic bacteria

*        Prevents spread of diseases