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The Vink Calfpuller especially helpful in those difficult presentations
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This Calfpuller is easy to handle. The rump frame is placed over the cow's rear with the open end towards the backbone. Then the ropes are attached to both calf's legs and to lever mechanism in that order. Now gently tension the ropes and it will adopt the correct position whether the cow is standing up or lying down.


This apparatus consists of two main parts the ratchet pole with lever mechanism and the rumpframe with pivoting-fork. All parts are constructed in stainless steel.


The unique rump-frame with pivoting-fork encircles the rear of the cow making it impossible for the frame to slip away from the cow. The pivoting-fork is an original design feature which permits the herdsman to direct the pulling tension from the lever mechanism in the ideal way. Downwards for a normal birth and upwards for breech presentations. This feature gives the Vink Calfpuller its "single-handed" ability; it needs no extra person to hold it in place to prevent it slipping away during delivery.

The Vink Calfpuller has the following important advantages


* It can not slip out of position.

* Single-handed calving-aid stays where you want it, when you need it.

* It can help to efficiently draw the calf in the correct way for both normal and breech presentations.

* It has a rotating lever system which greatly assists maneuvering the calf during birth.

* The Vink Calfpuller is beautifully designed, robust and is constructed in stainless steel to ensure long and trouble free service.




During a normal presentation you should draw downwards in the direction of the udder until the head is born and then in a horizontal line.

When the calf's pelvis threatens to lock in the cow's pelvis you should draw more in the direction of the udder.




In case of a posterion presentation, the draw should be upwards towards the tail until the legs are born and then change to a horizontal line.