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Slippers that look like wooden shoes, produced in beautiful colors with high-quality  embroidery.
Wooden shoe slippers are soft, plush slippers shaped like a wooden shoe. This product has become extremely popular in a relatively short period of time. This is logical because the softer slippers appeal to a much broader public than real wooden shoes. Slippers are great for tourists. Wooden shoe slippers are lightweight and fit easily in hand luggage or in a suitcase.
A wooden shoe slipper from Nijhuis is a slipper that has been well thought-out. The basic material consists of soft plush with reinforcement where necessary. The design follows the shape of the foot so that the slipper stays on the foot without pressure points. The sole consists of a more sturdy material with antiskid knobs; therefore, the slippers have a good grip on slippery floors. The filling is light, and it provides excellent insulation when necessary and wicks away moisture.

Available model: Yellow Farmer
Available sizes: 20-24  25-30  31-35  36-38  39-41  42-44  45-47
Yellow Farmer Slippers
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